Thank you for joining the Hive Mind. You are not a number, you are a free man.

Yes, Virginia, you are an individual, just like everybody else.

As our more and more connected community of human thought continues to evolve and change, I am wondering whether or not we are finally moving towards a true hive mind.

Late night bad science fiction television and heart pounding video games teach us that the hive mind engulfs individuals and makes them subject to the “uber –needs” of our glorious collective culture. Rarely does it really explore the true experience of the drone.

Does the drone actually see themselves as such, or does it see itself as a somewhat empowered individual deftly navigating the slings and arrows of outrageous marketing attempts at influencing its desires, thoughts, needs and snacking peccadillo’s?

Do you, dear reader, feel that the hive mind has begun to take over yet?

Have you been taken in by the conscious collective? Are you a happy-go-lucky member of the Culture?

Have you become a drone despite yourself?

I can almost see you recoil from the screen in horror. “What, me? Heaven forfend!”

But not so fast. Not so fast.

Perhaps it is human destiny to build this wonderful cyber brain?  Perhaps we should be embracing this for the “common good?” After all, life seems to make successful organisms from a sum of many parts.

Maybe this is the path that will give us the way to dominate the universe (if not us, then who?)? or at least the next step in our “explorevolution” of who we are, why we are and when will the pizza get here?

Drones may be a lot happier than rogue elements or exploring individuals. Sheep are happier in a herd since it tends to make it easier for them to survive, find a breeding mate and reduces stress. You just have to watch out for that Good Shepherd.

You know, the one who eats mutton and wears lambskin.


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6 Responses to “Thank you for joining the Hive Mind. You are not a number, you are a free man.”

  1. Unexpected Laughter Says:

    So, Paul Maud-Dib has finally found his way to cyberspace. Welcome!

    Drones say ye! I say seeds. Each of us (well… ok, it takes at least two) contains the possibility, the kernel that can generate an entirely new civilization. We have flowered. We are consuming our nutrient giving host in a technological frenzy. The question remains: Will we, through our efforts, be borne through space to propagate the species or fall back into the depleted soil in order to replenish it for evolution’s next attempt.

    From a social perspective, if the hive mind is reflected in the so-called “Media”, then I still eat mutton wear a lambskin jacket. But as a biological entity, perhaps I am a cell, with no more awareness of it’s role or purpose than any one of the trillions that comprise my body.

    I shall give my water to the tribe. In the meantime, where the hell is that pizza!

  2. Elffi Says:

    Thought provoking… I think we are some way from a hive mind, and do not think that we would ever be able to suppress individuality enough to truly qualify.

    Possibly I’ve been reading too much Julian May

    Though the homogenization of cultures and people through online social networking sites is fascinating to watch.. though even on such sites we find a splintering of cliques, and the formation of a micro-society with its pariahs and BMOC.

  3. Ghanima-tafille Says:

    Even those adept at the weirding way could not avoid all of those deftly projected arrows… in those few moments I find myself a lamb. Other times, I stray from the herd to explore the interesting flora in the distance. As I’m still here, I’m happy to say none of that delicious foreign foliage has been poisonous so far 🙂
    It is precisely for the reason that we are self-centered beings with limited perspective constrained by our egos that we cannot form a true hive mind. Not without serious genetic restructurization which would remove the title of “human” as I see it.
    While humanity IS becoming more and more “globalized” we cannot help but maintain pieces of our cultural differences due to selfish pride. (using selfish in the positive “Ayn Randian” sense here, not in terms of orgueil)
    However I think it fascinating to consider the hive mind as you have stated for the communication network which has begun to bind us… hopefully not to homogenize us, but to blend our flavors… makes me crave a pizza topped with lamb, harissa/sriracha, garlic, fresh basil, mushroom, and pho tai beef!!! yum!!
    I sometimes wish that humans could be to humanity coul as a cell is to an organism… but we seem to be more like a virus, modifying ourselves to fit our surroundings, and our surroundings to fit ourselves, often destroying both our surroundings and ourselves in the process. I am not an eco freak, but cannot help but notice some changes in the past 20 years.
    It is late/early and I digress… bedtime 🙂

  4. doug Says:

    Well, the hive is the only explanation I can come up with for some religious experience. For example, I grew up as a Pentecostal and we can get hot and heavy in experiential religion. So assume for a moment that religion is all evolutionary. That in itself is wondrous. It means man would have had to advance to the point that he needed to create a belief in God in order to keep him from despair over his mortality and perhaps as a control on social behavior but – here is the good part – he further recognized that he is incapable of knowing the truth about any of this so he developes this ability to lie to himsel about the existence of God. This explains how in one survey almost half of all college grads still believe in creation

    But still, some things defy any easy evolutionary explanation, if you call the above easy. For example, in worship, we Pentecostals could sometimes feel God or His Spirit and at other times not. And here is the swarm instinct…. We all knew when He was there and when He wasn’t. You could look around the room and see from the faces that His Spirit was in the room and others all knew it. Group pyschology does not do it. Something much more is at work here, something spontaneous and instantly transmitted throuhout the swarm.

    Hmmmm. We are still along way off from understanding religion. I read about scientists who say that science and religion should each do their own thing and not bother each other and I thank God that religious people didn’t think that way or science would not even exist. But I think you are onto something with this hive business.

  5. quizaxehatrack Says:


    Interesting that you look at the hive mind from a spritual stand point. I think the first one to do that was the Jesuit priest Pierre Tielhard de Chardin who embgraced evolution (was involved in discovering Peking Man) and came up wioth the notion of an Omega point where all intellingence in the universe is heading. Of course the work describing this had to be published only after he was dead.
    Singularitarianism has somewhat descended from his thoughts though adding a decdedly tehcnological approach to it.

    As afar as a communal feeling of the spirit, have you considered that it might be a pheremonal event? While that may be difficult to show, it could explain much (but not why my TV always falls over if I land on Benny Hinn while channel surfing).

  6. The Druid Says:

    where did all u crazy bastards come from? I am here for the herbs and spices…shorten my way you cursed hive.

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